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Marla Sophie




We see hundreds of faces everyday.

They pass by on the street, pop up on our instagram feed or stand next to you at the red stoplight.

have you ever thought about who they are?

What's their name, their story, their past?

or as in this case...what will their future look like?


Our mind creates a first impression based on the very first look - based on one moment, one picture, one glance.

Makes us feel like we know something about this person, about their character, their life, their past and their future.

but do we really?

'A story a stock' is a collage project focusing on prejudices we have based on looks. Don't judge a book by it's cover. This project is trying to take a look beyond the cover. Searching through hundreds of stock photos, pictures of random people and faces that we have never seen and will never see in real life. People that we know nothing about and still think we do. Because of a skin tone, a hair color, a crooked smile or a leather jacket.

This photoessay is an attempt at imagining the story of the people in the photos, their past, their present and their future.

Saw something interesting? I'd love to get in touch!

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