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Marla Sophie



Hi! Welcome to my Portfolio





Hi, I'm Marla! I've recently finished my Bachelors degree in Art, Design and Media, with a focus on New Media.

This portfolio is a collection of works in 3D Design & modeling, digital animation, graphic design as well as artworks.

My work is currently focused on creating 3D visuals and animations, some more realistic, some rather abstract and artistic. 

I like working multidisciplinary and through different media/ programs, combining the best out of everything. Behind many 3D projects lies an inspiration by the combination of the real and the virtual world and the question about what will happen once they are no longer clearly distinguishable.

I have a big fascination for the "in-between" of the real and the virtual world, the moment when they melt together or break apart. This fascination has influenced a lot of my recent works, as seen in my Bachelor project. 

Outside of the digital world I am a passionate art enthusiast, drawing and painting since I can remember. You can find some more visual insights in my work, life and art below.

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