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What is a perfect gif? Is it about pretty visuals, about catching the perfect moment or about creating the perfect loop?


This project tries to challenge the classic way of looking at and creating gifs. It's about telling a story, about creating your own perfect loop - or about breaking the loop. It's not just about watching, but about creating your own story and about creating your own (im-) perfect loop.

The challenge behind this project is to reimagine what a 'loop' and a 'gif' are or could be. Trying to utilize the basic tools that computers give us, in 'Welcome to the Broadway Scroll' the visitor has the opportunity to create their own loop, by scrolling horizontally through a webpage. This way, every visitor is met with a slightly different result, depending on the way they scroll and might even end up with a few unexpected twists.

Saw something interesting? I'd love to get in touch!

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