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WEB ART | 2019


When I started looking through the hundreds of old webpages in the GeoCities archive, it felt like entering a whole new world. What fascinated me most about it was the effort, dedication and attention to detail of the webmasters. One page in particular was the 'Mouse House' - you can see it on the left. It's charm caught my eye right away. This page was made to look like a house, you can enter different rooms through doors and windows. Everything is made continuously in a style called Country Graphic Art.


I decided to rebuild it in Unity, using the textures and cutting the patterns out of the original gifs on the page. It is an attempt to dive deeper into the world of 2D - it's 3D, but at the same time I wanted to keep the logic and aesthetics of the Country Graphic Art. In the original house there are rooms for every member of the family, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, bathrooms and even a pool in the backyard. While the 3D house is still under construction, other than the foyer and the hallway you can already visit the living room and the kitchen. With that being said...

Saw something interesting? I'd love to get in touch!

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