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Marla Sophie


NET ART | 2020


"Hey Siri!", "Alexa!", "Hi Cortana!"

Probably all phrases that sound familiar to you. That's because Siri, Alexa and such are everywhere, anytime, always around us.

The presence of Voice User Interfaces, Robots and Artificial Intelligence is something we can barely escape in todays world...

...can you?

They become more and more humane, not only in the way robots look, but also in the way they "talk" and converse with us, how they respond to our sharing, how they remember stuff and how they even seem to have a sense of humor.

The technology is so advanced that you can barely tell whether you are talking to a human or a machine...

...can you?

"Inside AI" is the prototype of an interactive maze ​experience. You are trapped inside what the mind of an Artificial Intelligence might look like. You hear voices, sounds that stimulate the moving walls around you. 

"Hmm", "Mhm", "Uhm"

Noises we make unconsciously, unintentionally and mostly without any meaning behind them.
Expressions of how we think and how we try to understand something.
It’s what makes us human, it’s the difference between us and machines…or was the difference between us and machines?


AI and robots are so consistently surrounding us, sometimes we don't even realize it. They are so interwoven into our everyday lives that we can no longer escape them...

...can you?

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